What is Gnar Bike

Crafted by hand. Fueled by passion.

In 2017, I started work on the Gnar Bike. Adapting a motorcycle frame to sit a top a snowmobile style tunnel.  I was able to create the ultimate boon docking snow machine. This design allowed the snowbike handling without the draw backs. People of almost any stature can touch the ground, have ample power and traverse G out situations without fear of ejection.

"Play is the highest form of research"

Albert Einstein

Gnar Bike

The ultimate outdoor experience

CR 500Patent Pending

prevails in ease of ride ability with a 34.75” seat height and balanced fore and aft weight.

Power Plant Honda CR500
Horse Power 55
Seat Height 34.75"
Overall Length 99"
Drive 530 RK x-ring chain
Gearing Direct drive
Top Sprocket 13 tooth
Bottom Sprocket 17 tooth
Suspension Track 7 tooth involute driver
Skid Snowtech MX (patent pending)
Skid Front Shocks Coil over front
Skid Rear Shocks Fox Float
Rear Travel 9.125"
Front Travel 7.75"
Available Track Length 120", 129", 137", 146"
Forks Showa coil spring w/CR500 Triple Clamps
Adjustable Fork Rebound, compression, pre load
Fork Travel 11.125"
Weight 276lbs
Fuel Capacity 4.89 gallons
Frame Chromoly perimeter frame w/aluminum tunnel
CBR 1000Coming Soon

shred the gnar at lightning speed (-160HP) and can climb almost anything.


The Best Features

you’ve never had so much fun before

Dirt Bike Like Balance

Allows greater speeds on whooped out trails and all g-out situations plus wheelies!

Low Seat Height

Allows for ease of use in slow and technical terrain


Balanced ski pressure allows rider to safely land jumps.

Shorter Overall Length

gnar bike 121” track is 21” shorter than competitors, providing superior turning and greater maneuverability.

Longer Track Lengths Available

up to 174” track available for more deep snow flotation

Track Swap

gnar bike takes less than 2hrs to change tunnels, so get a 146” for the snorkel deep and a 120” for racing using the same bike.

Grandpa Safe: Sit on the seat and putt, dragging your feet for safety to the most epic of riding areas or wring it out and truly shred the gnar